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Advantage Steel Celebrates Women in Construction

This year marks the 25th Annual Women in Construction Week (WIC) celebrating and promoting the role of women in the construction industry. WIC will be celebrated March 5-11 and is organized by the National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC). During this week, NAWIC and construction companies typically celebrate the contributions of women in the construction industry.

Women have made significant progress in the construction industry in recent decades, although the industry remains largely male-dominated. Construction companies are increasingly recognizing the value of having more women in their workforce and are taking steps to encourage and support women in the industry. While progress may be slow, the efforts made by these companies are a step in the right direction towards a more inclusive and diverse industry.

At Advantage Steel and Construction, we celebrate the week by letting the women in our organization know we appreciate their contribution to helping our business succeed. We believe having a more diverse workforce brings a range of benefits to our company, including:

  1. Increased Creativity and Innovation: We have seen different perspectives and ideas that generated a wider range of approaches and solutions to problem-solving and decision-making.

  2. Improved Decision-Making: We value the different viewpoints and experiences our diversified team brings to the table. These collaborative moments have helped us make more informed and well-rounded decisions. Research has shown diverse teams are more likely to identify blind spots or biases that may be present in more homogenous teams.

  3. Improved Employee Engagement and Retention: We contribute our great culture to having a diverse workforce. Our employees feel valued and included and they are engaged and committed to their work.

Overall, we find having a diverse workforce brings a range of benefits, from increased creativity and innovation to improved customer understanding and employee engagement.

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