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Ices Ferry Bridge

Steel Erection


Cheat Lake, WV



General Contractor:

Brayman Construction Corporation

Completion Date:

November 2012

Advantage Steel and Construction performed the erection of over 1,222 tons of steel for the West Virginia Department  of Highway over Cheat Lake. The difficult erection required the use of four different cranes, with two being stationed on land and two on the water. Temporary pier brackets were utilized to aid the complex erection at the pier locations.  Sectional barges were designed and analyzed to allow for critical picks on the water. The 960 foot long, four span bridge was successfully erected while maintaining full access of the lake to the public.

Key Construction Elements:
  • Water Erection

  • Temporary Supports

  • Crawler Crane Erection

  • Erection on Sectional Barges

  • Critical Lifts

  • Shear Connector Installation

General Work Activities
  • Steel Erection

  • Temporary Support

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