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Construction Projects

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Lily Bridge

Steel Erection


Summers County, WV



General Contractor:

Brayman Construction Corporation

Completion Date:

June 2016

Advabtage Steel and Construction performed the erection of a five span continuous girder bridge over the Bluestone River. The bridge had an overall length of over 1,200 feet, with the girder depth being 8’-0” deep. Erection was performed both from a causeway and from barges in the river. Temporary support systems were designed to stabilize girders during erection, utilizing the existing bridge.


Crews worked over multiple seasons, and dealt with varying water conditions due to the flood control dam located upstream.  Despite the fluctuating conditions, crews were able to maintain project schedule with erection operations.

Key Construction Elements:
  • Difficult Delivery Access

  • Changing River Conditions

  • Two Crane Picks

  • Critical Lifts

  • Erection on Barges

  • Causeway Erection

  • Temporary Supports

General Work Activities
  • Steel Erection

  • Temporary Support

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