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Construction Projects

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McKnight Rd Rehab

Steel Rehabilitation


Pittsburgh, PA



General Contractor:

Brayman Construction Corporation

Completion Date:

July 2016

Advantage Steel and Construction performed extensive rehabilitation work on multiple bridges in a small corridor along SR 4003. The difficult steel work all took place around live traffic and in tight work areas. The project included diaphragm and stiffener replacement, along with over 75 bearing replacements.


Designed temporary support systems were installed during repairs to ensure bridge stability throughout the duration of the job. All work required precise planning , coordination, and construction engineering to allow for the expansive repair work to be performed without impacting the traveling public.

Key Construction Elements:
  • Temporary Support Systems

  • Bearing Replacement

  • Jacking

  • Work Alongside Live Traffic

  • Steel Repairs

  • Core Drilling

  • Stringer Repairs

  • Shear Connector Installation

General Work Activities
  • Steel Rehabilitation

  • Temporary Support

  • Jacking

  • Fabrication

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