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Jonathan Hulton Bridge 

Steel Erection


Oakmont, PA



General Contractor:

Brayman Construction Corporation

Completion Date:

October 2015 

Advantage Steel and Construction performed the erection of 12,100,000 lbs. of structural steel over the Allegheny River. Erection of  the multi-girder bridge was performed with land and marine based crawler cranes. Multiple falsework towers and tie-down systems were installed to stabilize the girders, with haunch girders over 21’ deep and weighing over 150,000 lbs. The main channel span was pre-assembled on sectional barges, which was 60’ x280’ and weighed over 1,050 tons. The barges were then floated into place and the single unit, weighing over 2 million pounds, was strand jacked into position to avoid interfering with river traffic.

2016 ENR Merit Award Winner

Key Construction Elements:
  • Strand Jacking Erection

  • Erection with 4100SIII Ringer Crane

  • Erection of Girders w/ Horizontal

  • Splices

  • Water Erection

  • Difficult Weather Conditions

  • Aggressive Schedule

  • Temporary Support Systems

  • Strand Jacking

  • Critical Lifts

  • Walkway Fabrication

General Work Activities
  • Steel Erection

  • Innovative Solutions

  • Temporary Support

  • Jacking

  • Fabrication

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