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Triboro Bridge

Steel Erection


East Pittsburgh, PA



General Contractor:

Brayman Construction Corporation

Completion Date:

May 2010

This project included the rehabilitation of the 11-span, multi-girder, Tri-Boro Bridge which spans over the Turtle Creek, Norfolk Southern, and Union railroad tracks. The work consisted of the installation of temporary falsework bents to support the existing superstructure at four different locations along the expressway to facilitate jacking and bearing replacement operations. Portions of the existing superstructure were taken down so the existing piers could be removed and rebuilt, allowing the girders to be supported by new piers.

Key Construction Elements:
  • Steel Girder removal and storage

  • Temporary Falsework Towers

  • Bridge Jacking

  • New and Existing Girder Erection

  • Construction Engineering and Design

  • Erection over Railroad

General Work Activities
  • Steel Erection

  • Steel Rehabilitation

  • Temporary Support

  • Jacking

  • Demolition

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